A Virtual Reality game based on the first
danish monster movie Reptilicus from 1961

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Reptilicus VR

Who is Reptilicus?

We really love B movies from the fifties and sixties - but our favorite is the first Danish monster movie Reptilicus from 1961. Making a game inspired by this movie is surely a dream come true.

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You are the monster!

Step into the surreal world of B movies and become the monster Reptilicus. The beautiful city of Copenhagen, with its calm people, pretty gardens, nice policemen and stunning architecture, just can't wait to meet you.

We are developing for Virtual Reality and will be using new technology to capture your every monstrous move!

Social VR

Unlike other VR games, Reptilicus VR is a game you play with your friends. Instead of them waiting for their turn to look ridiculous in VR goggles, they can participate as extras in your B movie using traditional controllers and a secondary screen.

Triband ♥ Rokoko Smartsuit

We are working together with our friends at Rokoko using the Rokoko Smartsuit to control the game and push the limits of immersive VR experiences.


Copyright 2015 by Triband IVS and Rokoko Electronics IVS. Reptilicus is used with permission from Nordisk Film.